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  • CAMPUS English ESL Conversation Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation Class Part 2

    CAMPUS Mini-Lessons

    We talk to Alex Pitynski and his Level 3 students about his unique, high-energy activity to practice WH questions. Check out all the wonderful things CAMPUS has to offer at ...


  • English Slang Dictionary - J - Slang Words Starting With J - English Slang Alphabet

    English Slang Dictionary - English Slang Alphabet Learn to express yourself confidently in fluent English and sound like a native speaker with our FREE Power Learning video course! Learn English slang! Let's continue with the letter J! Jabber To jabber is to talk for a long while, saying things that listeners don't really want to hear. If you're talking for a long time about your Pokémon collection ...


  • Learn British English with Video - Learning Through Opposites 3

    Learn British English with Video and Pictures Learn British English with! This British English video lesson will give you even more British English opposites, so stop your 'searching!' You can 'find' all the British English resources you need for opposites right here in this lesson! You'll get get access to one of the most powerful tools for learning British English! Learning Brit ...

    Learn English with

  • An easy way to learn foreign languages (with captions in English and Spanish)

    Language learning strategies

    Luca's workshop on-line: Luca's language learning philosophy on his blog: Polyglotdream FB page: Luca explains some basic principles and gives advice on learning foreign languages. Some more information here: ...

    Luca Lampariello

  • Learn English with Video - Staying Fit with English Exercises

    Learn English with Video and Pictures Can learning English help you lose weight? In America your English is improving rapidly every day, but your body has gotten really out of shape. You need to head to the gym for some daily exercises, but what exercises are most popular in America? If you use your English to make new friends at the gym, you won't have any trouble finding out. You've always kno ...

    Learn English with

  • Learn British English with Video - British English Expressions and Words for the Classroom 1

    Learn British English with Video and Pictures Learn British English with! Traveling to Britain was the first step. The second was enrolling in a British college. But the third is actually going to British English class. You're nervous on your first day at the British university where you will study for your British English degree. You believe you have enough British English to get by ...

    Learn English with

  • Learn English with Video - Top 20 English Verbs 4

    Learn English with Video and Pictures Learn English with! You've always wondered, will you dream in English? After learning English in America for only a short while and learning even more English vocabulary, you have seen and done more than you would have ever imagined—and with such ease. Not only have you been studying English, but you know that just listening to the Engl ...

    Learn English with

  • Real English Conversation & Fluency Training - Music & Movement - Master English Conversation 2.0

    Master English Conversation 2.0 - Speak Fluent English Without Translating! Start expressing yourself clearly and confidently in English today with our complete 6 month fluency training video course! :) Welcome to REAL English conversation! No scripts. No actors. Just watch, understand and practice speaking the natural, English Anyone way. Keep reading to learn more about how you can become a gre ...


  • Fluency MC at a ColloParty Math and English Raps Phonics, Sight Words, Addition, and Multiplication

    Young Learners

    Check out Fluency on FACEBOOK Fluency and ColloTunes at Just Kidding Around Toy Store in Montclair, NJ (where Collo math and reading CDs and DVDs now available for sale). ...


  • The Path of the Voice (1 of 6) -- American English Pronunciation

    Vocal Exercises: Relaxation and Placement

    ESL: This video looks at how the voice works, and how to lower your placement when speaking American English. SUBSCRIBE!: Check out the next video in the series on Jaw Relaxation: See the transcript for this video: Improve your American Accent / spok ...

    Rachel's English

  • How to Speak Fluent English Clearly, Confidently and Automatically... Finally!!!

    Master English Conversation 2.0 - Speak Fluent English Without Translating!

    Download your first lesson set at If you can't speak English fluently, keep reading to understand why, and discover the simple secret to finally expressing yourself clearly, confidently and automatically. English learners all over the world experience the same basic frustrations: They have to translate ideas from their native lang ...


  • How to Link: words that begin with H - American English Pronunciation


    ESL: How to Link words that begin with H: drop the H and link to the word before in unaccented words. Improve your American Accent / spoken English at Rachel's English with video-based lessons and exercises. Transcript to this video: Cải thiện nói tiếng Anh Mỹ / 음성 미국 영어를 향상 / 話されているアメリカ英 ...

    Rachel's English

  • 60 - What group of people were taken to America and sold as slaves? - U.S. Citizenship Test

    US Citizenship Videos

    What group of people were taken to America and sold as slaves? Watch and learn the answer to question 60 of the U.S. Citizenship test with Andrea from ESL Basics. ...


  • Ask Fluency MC!

    Ask Fluency MC

    Here are my answers to the first questions you asked on the Fluency MC Facebook Page yesterday. COME and JOIN us! Fluency is all about the 3Rs: Relax, Repeat, Remember Peace and much respect, Jase aka Fluency MC ...


  • American English Imitation Exercise: He's Just Not That into You

    Imitation Exercises for more videos and exercises to improve your American English accent. ...

    Rachel's English

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Rachel's English Los Angeles Contest
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Tom Kelley -- Rachel's English Teacher
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The Word TO Reduction
OR, ARE, and FOR Reductions
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